Can I join in?

Join the discord and send me a message! If we've got space, we'd love to have you. 😁
If we're full-up, then you can still go on the list for next time, and/or join our list of players to help fill in on the monthly special events - either playing for a missing character, controlling an NPC or helping run a scenario.

How do I support this?

If you want to support us I'd love for you to follow me on twitch! The dream is to get enough followers (50) to qualify to have twitch subscriptions.

You got a rule wrong!

I'm still learning and would love to hear your advice (particularly if you have links to guides or resources!)
At the moment we are in our first year - so this is essentially our playtest. Feedback is always welcomed.
Join our discord and send me a message!

Which foundry mod was that?!

You can find a list of all our mods with descriptions of what they do in this google sheet.
If you're new to foundry, I'm always happy to help out with setting things up. Jump on discord and send me a message.

How is DM-ing a Tournament Different to a Campaign?

In a campaign I like to let players be creative, do cool things, and I can be flexible and adjust if we need to bend the rules on the fly.

In a tournament setting, expectations need to be clear so it's fair to both sides in advance, because they often know who they're versing and have planned strategies (unlike a surprise encounter). As a DM I also don't get to change what opponent is doing to adjust to any surprises!
This has been a really new experience for me, and I have learnt a lot!

I have a resource you can use.

Awesome! I'd love to see it! 🤩
Join our discord and send me a message. All our resources are attributed on the battle map for viewers to see, and here on our website.

What else do you do?

I currently DM an Icewind Dale Campaign (Rime of the Frostmaiden) nearing it's completion, and will be re-running it again to stream shortly!

As well as this PVP Rattle Boyale, we're also trailing a PVP 'Reincarnation Rumble' in which 5 players make all the same race and class (with different subclasses, feats and items), then have an all-in scrimmage with points awarded for outlasting the other players. At the end of the match, the wheel is spun and a new race and class is chosen for the next level!

I'm also in quite a few other campaigns as a player, where some of our Rattle Boyale players are the DMs (most of our players actually run their own games).

I also have a full-time job as a teacher, two dogs, three other housemates including my husband, and plenty of other hobbies to keep me busy. 😁
My next goal is to learn coding so I can make my own website and foundry mods!