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Discord Server: We are hosted by Arcarnit (Website - Paetron)

Game Platform: Foundry Virtual Tabletop (Website)

Foundry Hosted by: The Forge VTT (Website)

Foundry Mods List: (last updated 24/04/2022)

Characters Created with: D&D Beyond (Website)

Music by: Michael Ghelfi - Ambiences Vol.5 (Website - Paetron - Youtube)

Host and DM: Miss Helane

Battle Maps:

Michael Ghefli Conditions of Use (Music)

YouTubers / Streamers / Podcasters

  • You can use our work for free, just credit us with links to YouTube and Patreon. If it’s impossible, just recommend our work out loud.

  • You can monetize your videos/streams/podcasts, but keep reading.

  • Audio companies usually ask for 100$ to 5’000$/year for the right to use such gigantic and qualitative audio libraries. We don’t. Instead, we are asking you to consider supporting us on Patreon or making a donation. It’s not mandatory, but ambiences composition is extremely expensive, it cost Michael 15’000$ in investments in 2020, as he’s only using the best sounds. He’s also the only one doing that for the TTRPG scene and in general on YouTube. You enjoy using the best sounds available, we enjoy having something to eat everyday 🙂

  • A “shout out” is a great bonus. I mean like writing a post about our work to your fans, recommending our pages (YT, Spotify, Bandcamp, Patreon…), or explaining how much it impacted the quality of your projects. Basically promoting our work to a bigger extent than simply crediting us. Just remember that you have a decisive impact on our activity.